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The Domaine de la Grenouillère in Frise in the Somme offers many possibilities fishing. Every day of the year, the area is opened for the day fishing (or half day) along some 800 meters of the course.

For those who want more tranquility, fishing stocks are offered for rent in the year. Pontoons or appointed private banks allow for the most direct access by car .From new spaces were opened to fishermen for boat fishing. Fish and very wild, this part of the field, providing a real change of scenery and immersion in a protected natural area.


NEW: It is now possible to fish float tube



Fishing for carp and pike: many amateurs indulge in their passion and go fishing for wild carp Romper (all year) and pike (01/05 to 31/12 open). Beautiful subjects are caught and enrich the field of library. The fishing takes no-kill with the possibility for pike to take a subject per day over 70 cm.

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White fishing: 2 or 1 authorized canes cane and asked one run. 5H -20H

Predator fishing: 2 shots allowed (live-bait-spoon) 20H 5H-1 allowable per day (minimum 70 cm) NO KILL

Carp Fishing: 4 rods at 24H posed by NO KILL

Fishing boat and private banks: contact management. The boat is not provided. Action to valid year for a fisherman and a guest. On marked trail (see map).


Fishing float tube: 5 Maxi boats. Delimited area. Reservations required. LIFEJACKET OBLIGAOIRE


In general: consult the rules posted at the entrance of the estate.

Fishing prohibited on walkways and Anguillère.

Be vigilant and attentive in the presence of children.

The Management declines all responsibility in case of improper behavior.

Prohibited lights (portable barbecues authorized only)

Radios and bicycles prohibited.


Do not leave any waste on locations and routes

Nous contacter

Domaine de la Grenouillère


Tél : 0322841591

GSM : 0682692617