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The Domaine of Grenouillère, you will be quiet and you can go fishing, relax, play bowls with family or friends or refresh yourself at the bar area


But it would be a shame not to enjoy the treasures that hides the region


Amiens is the prefecture of the Picardie region, the Somme and capital of canton.

Amiens has nearly 135,000 inhabitants called Amiens and the community of communes has about 180000 inhabitants.

Amiens is in the center of the triangle Paris-London-Brussels

Amiens is famous for its Notre Dame Cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic art and the world's largest cathedral, listed twice on the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

Amiens is nicknamed the "Venice of the North": indeed, many channels through it and form the floating gardens (set of floating gardens covering about 300 hectares), Amiens has a rich heritage and picturesque neighborhoods, witnesses of a story began there more than 2000 years.


The interior of the Notre-Dame cathedral of Amiens is 200,000 m3 and made it the largest in the World Cathedral.

With the cathedrals of Chartres, Reims, Bourges and Beauvais (although the nave of the latter was never built), it is considered the archetype of the classic Gothic style, also including elements of the following phases Gothic style of high Gothic (including the apse) and Gothic (including the rose window of the western façade, the north tower and stalls).

Length overall work of the cathedral of Amiens in the Somme is 145 meters and its height of 42.30 meters vault (close to the maximum tolerable for this architecture).

Historic monument in France since 1862, it is listed since 1981 as World Heritage by UNESCO



The Saint Leu in Amiens in the Somme is at the foot of the cathedral. It is crossed by canals that lead to hortillonages. This picturesque area has been largely rehabilitated in the 1990s.

It extends to the Somme canal located further north at the foot of St. Peter hill on which the fortress of Jean Errard, called Citadel, was built.

Historically, it was the poor neighborhood of the city, where regrouped tanners, dyers and butchers.

The Saint Leu district became the student area since the Faculty of Science, has since the 1960s has been renovated and extended to the occasion. The faculty of law and economics has also been transferred to the mid-1990s from the campus.

This area has become the fashionable district of Amiens and the heart of amiénoises evenings, with many establishments (bars, restaurants, etc.) and place of Don Quai Belu.

Rue Saint-Leu is the church of the same name, located just between the Faculty of Science and the right-Economy (UPJV).

Two theaters are established in the area, and that of Cabotans House Theatre, at the foot of Saint-Leu church.



Dating from the mid-nineteenth century, the Picardie Museum attracts many visitors.

With a threefold mission of restoration, conservation and transmission, the Musée de Picardie would like to share its know-how so that you are delighted meet its exceptional works of art.

For this, the Picardie Museum invites you to participate in the permanent exhibitions, temporary, conferences, as well as performances of workshops open to all.


The Hortillonages (floating gardens) of Amiens form a space of 300 hectares of former marshes located east of Amiens.

These marshes have been filled filled (probably in Roman times) to create fields used for market gardening.

A few hundred meters from the Notre Dame cathedral, the floating gardens of Amiens are a set of a few hundred floating gardens on a 65 km labyrinth of channels, in the heart of Amiens city.


Boat tours are organized from the dock of the Somme (near Saint Leu district and the Cathedral)

Samara park

The Samara park is a leisure park on the theme of prehistory.

A few minutes drive from Amiens, you find in a natural setting, some 600,000 years of history!


You will travel to the heart of prehistory like you to do anywhere else.


Peronne is a small pleasant town of 8,000 inhabitants

Located at the junction of the A1 and A29 motorways, it is crossed by the D1017 (former National Paris Lille)

Peronne is located in the Vermandois, on the border between the Vermandois (east of Peronne) and Santerre (south-west of the city). It is crossed by the River Somme who form natural ponds surrounding the city center. The historic heart lies on a small hill overlooking the rest of the landscape.


The castle built for the 1st time in the fifth century by the Merovingian and destroyed and rebuilt several times.

This is the castle of Peronne Charles the Bold was held prisoner by Louis XI in 1468.

The castle also houses the Museum of the Great War


The Museum Alfred Danicourt (created in 1877) is a Museum of France that brings together mainly archaeological collections and works of art coming from private donations and local government deposits. It is located in the town of Peronne hotel.


CAM ponds behind the Museum of the Great War


 Porte de Bretagne is built of brick and stone. It is composed of two rectangular pavilions that face each other. The drawbridge is still in place and in working order. This door is extended by fortifications rebuilt from 1647 to 1652. You can still see the Royal Bastion and a series of defenses: riders, half moons, seventeenth century baffles

Leisure around the Domain

Discover the region on foot or by bike

The Domaine de la Grenouillère is located beside the Somme River in a valley surrounded by small hills


Many paths along the water or around the hills can discover the countryside on foot or by bike

Go to the sea on foot or by bike : the Véloroute Vallée de la Somme

The Somme Valley Cycle Route, established in the Grand Somme Valley Project, continues its development to offer 120 km of surprises over water to Samariens and visitors.

The Somme valley had its river and its channel; it will now have its Véloroute Somme Valley! Is a 120 km bicycle path along the Somme River linking Peronne in Saint Valery-sur-Somme


This gentle movement path for pedestrians and cyclists is an invitation for Samariens and visitors to discover the department of water over all tourism, natural and cultural of the Somme Valley. Homes of the Valley will welcome the public in an original way and lookouts will get high in the beautiful scenery.

Traveling in an authentic steam train

A few kilometers from the Domaine de la Grenouillère, the small train of the Haute Somme from Froissy offers a ride in an authentic steam train restored by a team of enthusiasts


Next to the station of departure and arrival, discover the Musée du P'tit Train Haute Somme

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